The Parisian Diet

What Is The Parisian Diet?

I was intrigued by the name The Parisian Diet. That conjures up visions of chocolate, wine and other tasty dishes. The plan here however, is a stoic one with few indulgences.

There are three phases in this diet; the Cafe Phase, Bistro Phase and Gourmet Phase. If you feel the first phase (Cafe Phase) is to stringent you can skip directly to the next phase (Bistro Phase). To me however, the first two phases looked pretty strict.

Sample menu Cafe Phase:

Breakfast Fruit Salad, Yogurt

Lunch Chicken and Broccoli, Nuts

Dinner Leek Soup, Cabbage Soup, Fruit.

Sample menu Bistro Phase:

Breakfast Yogurt

Lunch Carrot/Celery Salad, Veal/Mozzarella Melt, Fruit

Dinner Beet and Apple Slaw, Arugula Omelet.

The final phase is more lenient but still does not offer much flexibility. The plan does allow for portions of cheese, nuts and fruits. If you can easily follow this plan, though, you are likely not overweight to begin with.

The lunch plan might be difficult for many. A number of the lunches include cooked meals like grilled halibut, baked lamb and salmon just not foods that are easy to pack on a work day or find ready made. Of course you could always cook it in advance but it does not seem practical, Jean Michel Cohen is an MD and famous nutritionist in France. So I was surprised he allowed for diet soda which studies show may stimulate the appetite and also diet soda drinkers tend to weigh more.

One part of the diet I did like is the way Cohen shares how to find your ideal weight. It involves a simple mathematical equation using weights from when you were at your thinnest and fattest. It seems like a good way rather than reaching for a pie in the sky number. The plan is also nice in that it spells it all out for you. If you like to be told what to eat and are willing to take time to prepare or purchase those meals well here it is all done for you.

The French diet type of books have been very popular over the past few years with the restrictive Dukan Diet leading the pack. French Women Dont Get Fat was also wildly popular. The Parisian Diet is another offering in the mix.

Overall, yes you can lose weight with this but can you keep it off? And can you do it? That will of course vary from one individual to the next. It is restrictive (no matter what he says). If you enjoy more freedom than perhaps another plan would be better. If you like being told what to eat and have time to prepare the dishes this may be right for you.

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